Never forget your grass skirt again.

Packaroo is the smartest way to prep and pack for your next adventure. Designed to handle simple trip planning as well as the systems used by pro travelers.

A Kangaroo on a beach blanket looking smug.

Put Together a Pack List in Less Than 3 Minutes

Bundle together the items that you always bring. The next time you travel, add the bundles to your pack list in two taps.

Keep Track of Your Packing Progress (Without Really Trying)

Check off items as you pack them, and buy the things you need for your trip directly from your shopping list.

Customize Your Experience

Add your own items to the existing catalog, create custom collections and choose your app icon.

  • Add your own items to the existing catalog (you can even add them in bulk).
  • Choose your preferred app icon.
  • Create your own custom collections.

Take Care of Your Traveling Companions

Create a separate pack list for each family member, and share your lists with a touch of a button.

  • Share your packlists.
  • Create separate packing lists for each family member. One for you, one for him, and one for the pooch.
  • See at a glance how much you need to pack, as well as items you still need to shop for.
  • Easily flip back & forth between pack lists to see the items that go into each bag, box or container.