Take Care of Your Traveling Companions

If only the people you travel with were as good-looking and as organized as you! 

We know how it is. You think things through, you plan ahead, but your ounce of prevention is often called upon to prevent someone else’s pound of cure. Well, let Packaroo lighten your load. 

How about putting together your pack list and then casually sharing it with your airhead friend? “No pressure”, “just a suggestion”. “I’m sure you already know to bring these 19 items, but just in case” …

Once you’ve put together your own pack list, just tap on the share button and a copy of what you plan to bring can be sent directly to your friend. Now your conscience is cleared, they’ve been warned. You are absolved of playing super-hero when they forget to bring their plug adapter.

Quickly share your list via the Messages app with just a couple taps.

But what do you do if you live with, love, partnered up or gave birth to your traveling companion? What if, indeed, you are actually packing for more people than just yourself? 

Not a problem. You can easily apply all of your clear minded, level-headedness to packing for the entire family. Simply create a separate pack list for each family member - one for you, one for him/her, and one for the pooch (whose list of must-have travel items often outnumbers your own). Now you can think through each person’s items without mixing them into one long pack list. 

With Packaroo, you’ll be departing on that trip to Nantucket before you start resenting your traveling companions. And who knows, maybe something you packed for them will end up being your pound of cure.