Share Away and Let The World See Your Genius


We just returned from a 59 day road trip where we covered 6,000 miles across the USA. A majority of the trip was spent camping, and included kayaking in lakes, rivers, bayous, lagoons, the Intracoastal Waterway, and the Atlantic Ocean. In preparation for this trip, I spent a good deal of time creating and modifying collections, adding new items, and creating bundles. I realize now that the collections that make up my current Packaroo catalog represent a good deal of work and, if I do say so myself, they could only be created by someone who shares my enthusiasm for the outdoors.

Sure, I could send a note to family and friends describing how clever I am. At cocktail parties, I'd casually mention how my Packaroo catalog is a work of genius. But honestly, that kind of gloating is only so satisfying. What I really wanted was to share my work with the world. I am, after all, generous at heart.

To share collections with Packaroo, however, somebody needed to change the app. Luckily I know a guy, who knows a guy, and now I don't have to just talk about my amazing custom collections. I can share them and let friends and family see for themselves.

The best thing is that you too can share collections with whomever you want. Just navigate to the collection you want to share, and tap on the “…” button next to the collection name. From there, tap the option to “Share collection”. Pick the method that suits your fancy (Messages, Email, Air Drop, etc.), then share away. That collection can now be opened and used in Packaroo by anyone who is lucky enough to get their hands on it.

Note: You don’t have to have Packaroo Pro to import a shared collection, or to share a collection yourself. However, if the collection was created using Pro features, such as bundles or custom collections, Packaroo Pro is required in order to import it. That seems fair to me, even my generous heart has its limits.