Put Together a Pack List in Less Than 3 Minutes


When it comes to figuring out what to bring on a trip, we have a little secret - most people pack essentially the same things over and over again.

Sure, packing for an overnight business trip will not result in the same pack list as that European vacation; however, when you go on another business trip you are likely to bring essentially the same things as you did the last time. When you go on that vacation to the Almafi Coast, you are likely to pack lots of the same things that you took to the Canary Islands the year before.

That’s good news because Packaroo helps you capitalize on previous efforts where you thought through what to bring on a trip. Even the first time you use the app, lots of common items are bundled together so that you can quickly add them to your pack list.

Here’s an example, the first time you create a trip in Packaroo you start to add items to your pack list. You’ll see that Packaroo comes with a large catalog of items ready for you to add to your pack list. The catalog is divided into collections of related items - clothes, toiletries, electronics, etc. In our example, you tap on Clothes and you immediately see that bundled together in a group called Regulars are a bunch of clothes that most everyone brings on every trip. In two taps, all of those items can be added to your pack list.

For the frequent traveler, who goes on a variety of types of trips, some business, some vacation, some solo, some with the family or friends, Packaroo Pro allows you to create additional bundles within a collection.

Packaroo makes it easy to add and remove items from the bundle of Regulars, so you can really dial this in to only the items you always bring. Every time you start a pack list, you can quickly add all of your regulars to your pack list.

For instance, I have a business trip toiletry bag that I take on business trips. It’s so few items, I can just throw it into my backpack. I also have a family toiletry bag that we take on family trips, it’s embarrassingly large. Having these two separate bundles allows me to very quickly create a pack list with the appropriate items for the type of travel that I’m doing. I thought it through once, now creating a bullet proof pack list takes no time at all.

One last trick to impress your friends: you can put together trips in Packaroo that you can reuse in the future. I wrote about this previously showing how I have two trips for camping, one for cold weather and one for warm weather. I can make a copy of a trip in Packaroo and reuse it. Since I pack mostly the same things whenever I go camping, the biggest differentiator is the weather. Even if I change the trip’s destination in order to see specific recommendations for that location, putting together a pack list in Packaroo takes no time at all. The more I use it, the better I pack. Just 3 minutes of pre-trip planning, and you’ll feel confident that you’re ready to go.