Packaroo 1.2 - What You're Looking For


When I traveled to Australia a few years back I had little time to prepare. I was traveling on business, but knew there would be a few hours in-between meetings to see some sites. Since the stay was primarily in Sydney, I thought maybe I’d see the Opera House, walk across the Sydney Harbor Bridge, or visit Bondi Beach. Destinations in Sydney that I could name without doing an ounce of research.

To make the most of my limited time, however, I needed to balance two seemingly opposite goals. On one hand, I wanted to focus on getting myself to these famous landmarks. On the other hand, I wanted to keep my eyes peeled for other things of importance such as open-air markets, cool little pubs, and traffic coming at me from unexpected directions.

This balance between finding what you are looking for and discovering what else is important happens to be what drove the redesign of Packaroo 1.2. We reached the conclusion that when creating a packing list, you have two essential needs. First, you need to identify those items you already know you want to bring. Second, you need to discover what else is important to pack for a hassle-free trip.

It’s a tricky balance, long lists that aren’t easy to scan feel overwhelming. Short lists are easy to use, but run the risk of leaving out critical information. With Packaroo 1.2 we tried to strike a balance.

Spotting what you’re looking for
  • The first thing we did is give you fewer places to look. Instead of scanning items in three groups - Recommendations, Regulars, and Everything Else - we switched to one group of items you always bring, then everything else.
  • We’ve also changed the scrolling direction for the lists. Our brains are finely tuned to identify things that are important to us, switching from a horizontal to a vertical scroll makes scanning the entire list much less work.
Determining what else is important
  • A unique part of the Packaroo experience are the packing recommendations and tips tailored for your destination. They’ve always been there, now they’re easier to spot.
  • For recommendations, your eye will catch the “thumbs up” icon next to any item that is recommended for your trip.
  • We’ve also increased the cell size of items so that you can preview more of the pack tips to see if it’s worthing tapping to get the full story.

Finding what you are looking for while taking in other things of importance can prove to be a challenge when you’re traveling. That’s all part of the fun. The good news is that now you won’t face a similar challenge when figuring out what to put on your packing list. With Packaroo 1.2, we know what you're looking for.