Packaroo 1.1 - Introducing Reusable Pack Lists


We do a lot of camping and when we do, we end up bringing most of the same gear on each trip. Once we’ve created a rock-solid pack list for camping, we just want to use that list over and over again. With Packaroo 1.1, this just got a lot easier.

One simple way to do this is to take an existing trip that we want to reuse, and then uncheck all of the packed items on that trip. It’s a quick solution that works especially well if we travel over and over again to the same destination.

The truth is we really do go camping in Moab a lot, so a camping list for that destination would be reused over and over again. To make things crystal clear, with Packaroo 1.1 we can name our trip to help identify what type of items are in the list.

But we aren’t just fair weather campers, we like to go camping when most people think it’s way too cold. Of course we pack slightly different gear in the colder months, so we need a way to make a copy of our existing trip and then modify it for cold weather camping. With Packaroo 1.1, here’s how that works…

But surely we don’t camp only in Moab. What happens if we are planning a camping trip to some place we’ve never been, like Lake Tahoe in November?

With Packaroo 1.1 we can duplicate our existing cold weather camping trip to Moab, and then change the destination of the new trip to Lake Tahoe. That way we can see packing recommendations tailored specifically for our new destination.

With Packaroo 1.1, we’re going to spend less time preparing for trips and more time posting exceptionally beautiful pictures about them.