Pack Like You're Been There Before


Travelers can be divided into two distinct groups — those that are constantly seeking out new places to travel, and those that keep going back to the same place over and over again. Like so many choices we face, there is no best way to choose a travel destination.

It could be that you nailed it and you know it, so why waste your time looking elsewhere. I confess that there was a time in my life that I traveled to the Outer Banks of North Carolina with such frequency, I could have easily been taken for a native. With its trip reuse features, Packaroo accommodates the repeat traveler well. However, it's the other type of travel that Packaroo caters to in a unique way over other packing list apps.

It all started when I was planning a trip to Southeast Asia, a part of the world completely foreign to me. It was 2018, so being the planning type I took to the internet to see what experienced travelers were telling others to bring. What I found was a little surprising:

  • Recommendations that would be useful if this was the first time I had ever been away from home (3 pair of socks, 6 pairs of underwear and my favorite jammies);
  • Recommendations that were obviously designed to sell me something (do not attempt to travel to Cambodia without a Reusable Bracelet 48 Pack, 100% Natral and Waterproof Wrist Bands);
  • And of course, there were also a number of sites with really important recommendations (Visa requirements, currency information, and what to bring to be culturally appropriate, etc).

It was the last of these that helped me prepare for my trip, and also set the tone for recommendations in Packaroo.

Packaroo includes recommendations for over 70 countries, 60 provinces and states worldwide, and 145 cities and parks. And we're just getting started.

In many cases, Packaroo not only tells you what to bring but also explains why. You’ll see pack tips for the things that really matter like…

Power Adapters

Entry Requirements

Gear you might need

What to wear (or not)

Where to take that Instagram worthy picture

Mostly, Packaroo is designed with the assumption that you are smart and don’t need to be told to bring your underwear. You can always take that annual trip to your favorite beach destination and know exactly what to bring, but when the time comes to venture out into the unknown Packaroo helps you pack like you know where you’re going.