Keep Track of Your Packing Progress


It’s not enough to list out what you intend to bring on a trip

To make certain you actually bring what you intended, you’ll want to keep track of what’s packed and what isn’t. You’ll also want to keep track of what you need to buy before you go. For some trips, say that road trip you’re planning through Baja California, it would be a giant help to know which bag, box or container you’ve packed something in. We built Packaroo so that keeping track of your packing progress is as easy as creating the list was in the first place.

Once you’ve started adding items to your pack list, you can easily check off the items as you pack them. If it turns out that you need to pick up something before you go, Packaroo makes it easy to add that item to your shopping list. You can even purchase it from Amazon while you’re using the app. Packaroo makes it easy to see how much packing you’ve accomplished, and how many items remain in your shopping list.

But what about those trips where you’re taking more than just a bag or two? With Packaroo Pro keeping track of where you’ve packed things is super easy. I use this feature every time I take a road trip. Keeping track of where items are packed makes me feel so much more organized than if I was working off of one gigantic pack list. 

Here’s how it works ….

  • Create a trip to Baja California
  • Start out by adding items to the default pack list. These are your personal items that you’ll carry in your suitcase, mostly clothes, toiletries, etc.
  • Create another pack list on that trip, and name it Cooking Supplies.
  • Add items from the Kitchen collection to that pack list
  • Create another pack list called Camping Equipment
  • Add items from the Outdoors collection, as well as items from the Miscellany collection
  • Create one more pack list, this time call it Electronics
  • Add camera equipment, bluetooth speaker, chargers, etc. to this pack list

Now you can easily flip back and forth between pack lists, and match in your head the items on a list with the items in a container. It’s super simple, but it goes a long way to keeping you off that road to hell and on the path to enlightenment.