How to Use Packaroo, the Packing App


Right before the pandemic put the brakes on all of our travel, we were planning an extended road trip along the southern coast of the United States. To keep things organized, we thought we’d try out a packing app or two, or three, or six. From what we could tell, our choices in packing apps were between the mind-numbingly complex and the frustratingly unhelpful. So, instead of taking that extended road trip we did something else. We designed and built a packing app that makes packing for a trip easy, and we did it in a way that hides all of the underlying complexity.

With Packaroo you can create a pack list in 3 easy steps

1. Launch Packaroo and tap the New Trip button. Tell the packing app where you’re going, and a trip is created that contains your pack list.

2. Open up the trip, and your pack list displays. Choose the items you want to bring by tapping the Add Items button. The packing app’s Catalog displays with collections of items you can add to your pack list. We’ve even taken a stab at bundling up the items you always bring, so you can add them all in just a couple of taps.

3. After that, tap the check box to indicate that an item is packed. Now you can see at a glance what still needs to be packed.

That’s it. You’re ready to take an extended road trip, fly to a wild and mysterious place, or just get out of town for the weekend.

Sure, Packaroo has lots of other cool packing app features. You can …

  • Get recommendations and pack tips for over 70 countries, 60 provinces and states, and 145 cities and parks.
  • Create a shopping list for the things you need to pick up before you go, and then buy them directly from Amazon.
  • Think through and keep track of each group of items, whether by suitcase or by person, without mixing them into one long pack list
  • Add your specialized gear to the packing app in one fell swoop.
  • Organize Packaroo’s catalog into collections that mirror the way your crazy mind works.
  • Prepare once then quickly pack bundles of items on all future trips. Think camera bag or the baby’s travel backpack.
  • Reuse pack lists for trips that you repeat.
  • Share your pack list with just a touch of a button.
  • You can even change the packing app’s icon to suit your mood.

Our goal in creating this packing app was to make it powerful without making it overly complex. We needed it for own travels, and we’re happy to share it with you.