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Robust and Flexible: Packaroo’s Catalog Is Yours To Shape

We’ve heard from a handful of folks that you don’t intend to use some of the collections that come standard with Packaroo. Because of this, you’d rather not have them mucking up the organization of your catalog. That’s why we are introducing a new Pro feature that allows you to hide collections that you don’t want to see. 

We’ll take a couple of minutes here to explain the way this new capability works, plus we’ll go over some of the other features that you might use to really shape your Packaroo catalog into a thing of beauty.

The Model

We suspect that if you’re reading this, you already know how this packing list app works. However, just to be completely thorough we thought we’d spell it out. Packaroo comes with a catalog that contains hundreds of items that you might want to bring on a trip. These items are organized into collections (like clothes, electronics, photography, etc.)

When you create a trip, Packaroo creates a list for you where you can capture everything that you plan to pack. You browse the catalog and select the items that you want to bring on your trip. Under the hood, Packaroo makes a copy of the selected items from your catalog and adds them to your pack list.

We’re not surprised that so many of you are choosing to customize your collections in Packaroo. When the collections match the very items you intend to pack, you’re now in a position to create bullet-proof packing lists in a matter of minutes.

How It’s Done

Let’s suppose that you’re a pro photographer, and you want to customize the catalog to match the organization of your gear.

First, let’s get rid of that pedestrian Photography collection that comes standard with Packaroo.

Note: You can always go to Settings later to show or hide any of your collections. 

Next, let’s create a new collection called Camera Gear.

In the past you’ve been using Notes to keep track of your equipment. Let’s make a copy of that and use Packaroo’s bulk loader to add those items into our favorite packing list app.

Next we’ll create some bundles that match how you carry your gear.

Finally, let’s put your fancy new collection to use on that trip your planning to Zion National Park.

And there you have it. From now on, whenever you’re preparing for a trip, your catalog is is set up to load up your camera gear in a few easy steps. 

Other Things To Try

Less is more  In addition to hiding collections that you don’t want to see, take a few minutes to delete any items that came with Packaroo that you know you’ll never use. You can tap on an item in a collection, and then tap “Delete” to get rid of it. For collections with a lot of items that you know you’ll never use, you can remove them in bulk in a few simple steps.

Reorganize what’s there - If you’re adding new collections, you’re likely to want to move some items from one collection to another. Like deleting items, you can either move them on a case-by-case basis or you can do it in bulk.

Share your collections - Not everyone has the focus and staying power that you do, so after you’ve created those fancy collections you can export them into objects that are directly loadable into Packaroo. Of course no one else’s catalog is likely to be as sophisticated or comprehensive as yours, but your willingness to share is indeed admirable.