Customize Your Experience

Just because we spent months combing over hundreds of pack lists for every conceivable trip type to all corners of the world doesn’t mean that you will be completely content with Packaroo. You, after all, are different. You demand a more customized experience.

Let’s start with the app icon. Sure, the default icon with the cute little kangaroo is eye catching but you might just, on any given day, prefer to change it to a bindle. On this day, a red one. No problem at all, just tap on Settings and then App Icons. Pick the icon du jour and voila - your desktop just got a little more interesting.

Next, let’s talk about the catalog. Yes, Packaroo comes preloaded with over 400 items organized in 9 different collections. And, no, we didn’t just pull these out of a hat. This catalog and those collections are based on a fair bit of research. That doesn’t mean that you’ll find all of the clever, and frankly bizarre, items that you carry on your travels. That’s why you are always just a couple of taps away from adding your own items to Packaroo, anytime you need it. We even have a bulk loader for the pros among us.

But what good is it to add a hundred custom whatnots if you have to stuff them into the same dozen or so tired collections? Fear not, with Packaroo Pro you are free to create all of the collections you undoubtably deserve. Organize that catalog to your heart’s delight.

Our goal with Packaroo is to make it useful, interesting and beautiful enough that you fall in love at first sight. But for those of you with more discerning tastes, we’re happy to hand over the keys and let you make it your own.

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