About Packaroo

We're list makers. Hidden somewhere in the backs of our brains is the deep truth that if we don't create a list for our trip to Vanuatu, we're going to forget that one critical item necessary for the trip to be a success. But why, you might ask.

Because we're forgetful. Countless times we've headed out the door on a business trip leaving behind the most basic items - a lightning cable, some socks, or most tragic of all - our deodorant. You're probably thinking that leaving behind a few things on a business trip is not that big of a deal, and you are right.

Our real problem is that we're lazy. When we are planning a trip to the far corners of the world, we don't want to spend a ton of time planning what to bring along on the trip. Instead we created Packaroo, a tool that makes it easy to organize for the most complex traveling adventure, and helps you fine-tune your packing skills over time. It's an app created by lazy, forgetful, list makers.

We think you're going to love it.

Sue Foster

The brains of the outfit. Designer and World Traveler.

Ben Pilcher

The workhorse. iOS Engineer and bug-squasher.

Aaron Pilcher

The resident doodler. Designer and slayer of pixels.